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Quality Leather Repair


How much are estimates? Onsite estimates are $50. Email estimates are free. Send photos of your damage to qualityleatherrepair@gmail.com

Are your repairs permanent? It depends on the location of the repair. If we repair the back of a seat, expect it to be permanent. But if we re-dye a leather driver's seat, the dye will wear off from heavy use just like the factory dye did, at about the same rate.

Can you match texture exactly? Not always. Leather has a natural grain pattern. Vinyl has a synthetic grain to stimulate leather. It can't be matched perfectly, but we can get an acceptable match with silicone molds and spray texture.

Can I clean the items you repair? Not for 48 hours, but we use a crosslinker that makes our dyes resistant to cleaning chemicals after that.

Should I replace or repair my item? Some Items are inexpensive enough that it's more economical to simply buy new ones. Some damage is beyond repair and will require replacement by an upholstery service. Email me photos and I'll let you know your options.